Terry Trovinger's Story

Terry Trovinger, a volunteer for the Bereavement Care team at Hospice of Washington County, has learned that simple acts of kindness—taking the time to listen, holding a hand, offering a favorite snack—can make a big difference to a grieving family or a patient. 

Terry is a lifelong resident of Hagerstown and a retired chief financial officer. He began volunteering at Hospice of Washington County in 2017.  During one of his previous finance jobs for an ambulance company, he had the opportunity to ride along during medical calls occasionally. While the paramedics were busy all around him, he would sit with the patient, who was scared. "I would hold their hand or do something to make them feel comfortable and assure them that everything was gonna be all right."

He initially worked as a volunteer companion, and later became a point person for the 11th Hour Vigil Team, providing bedside vigil to patients in their final moments, especially those who did not have family near. 

“Being able to hold a dying person’s hand, playing music for them or perhaps saying a prayer for them gave me great gratification," he says. 

Covid has changed his course as a volunteer. While he’s not able to serve on the 11th Hour team anymore, he is happy he can make calls on behalf of the Hospice Bereavement Team. 

And he has kept himself busy in his new role. Over the past two years, Terry has made over a thousand calls to family members. During a call he offers condolences for the loss of their loved one and asks how they are handling their grief. He’s then able to make referrals to a bereavement counselor if needed.

When he’s not lending an ear, Terry enjoys spending time with his family, including his daughter, son and three grandsons. Terry also loves his roles as treasurer and occasional pastoral assistant at his church, Haven Lutheran in Hagerstown.