Dr. Sarah Balog's Story

Sarah Balog is a doctor of osteopathic medicine at Sutter Delta.  She went to the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Central Washington. During her third and fourth year, she did her rotations in Portland. She completed her residency at State University of New York in Syracuse, where she was chief resident during her third year of training. 

Dr. Balog became interested in pursuing medicine while participating in ski patrol during high school in central Pennsylvania. 

Before medical school, she did a lot of work with the electronic medical record as a scribe in the ER and ICU. She is still interested in clinical informatics, trying to make the medical record work better for patients and all the people who work in hospitals. She is also very interested in ultrasound and wilderness medicine, or providing emergency care for people experiencing crisis situations in remote and sometimes challenging geographic areas. 

After her residency, she returned to the West Coast where she works for Vituity in more than one location. She commutes to Sutter Delta for occasional shifts from Southwestern Oregon, where she spends a lot of time outdoors with her husband, Kevin, a kindergarten teacher. 

“I really like the Northwest—especially Oregon and northern California,” she says. “I like the mild weather and the giant trees and how beautiful the forests are. I live on the coast right now, so I enjoy going out to the beach. We do a lot of running and hiking and camping out on the trails with our dog, Bunk.”
Sarah Balog, DO