Emily Choi, PA-C's Story

Emily Choi, MHS, PA-C graduated from Cornell University and received her graduate degree from Duke’s Physician Assistant Program. One of her favorite memories during her time at Duke was a global health rotation in Sri Lanka. 

Emily loves the challenge of working in Emergency Medicine and meeting a variety of patients and medical needs. Thanks to an engaging preceptor, she was drawn to working in the ER since her rotation in PA school. 

One thing she particularly enjoys about working in the ER is the amount of high-acuity patients she’s able to see and the professional growth she’s experienced as a result. She also loves the variety of people she meets and being able to serve each patient as they come to her.

Emily says she aspires to "provide actual quality, good patient care." To her, that means "not only getting the medicine 'right,' by making sure I’ve ordered the correct labs and diagnosed them correctly, but also making sure everyone is treated well and as a human being.”

Growing up in the Bay Area, Emily has fond memories of annual family trips with her mom, dad and younger brother. One of her most memorable vacations was when they visited Disneyland for Y2K. Her love of travel has continued into adulthood.

“When I think about it, what is my great life passion or when I’m happiest, it’s definitely traveling. … I love learning about new cultures and being in a completely different environment,” Emily says. 

Her top three trips so far have been a global health rotation in Sri Lanka, a safari in Kenya and Tanzania and a multi-day trek in Nepal.  
As 2021 is winding down, Emily hopes to be a good resource, a good teacher, and a dependable colleague and provider for her patients. She is also trying to be more mindful and purposeful and live each moment as it comes.

“Because I’ve lived my whole life being such a planner, I think the pendulum has swung the other way, where I kind of want to just take things one month at a time.”
For now that includes, trying not to over-schedule herself, reading good books, binge-watching The Expanse, playing with her dog Bamboo and planning her next grand travel adventure.