Falcon's Landing

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Dora Brumfiel

Dora Kenyon Brumfiel grew up a half a block from the legendary Route 66 in Amarillo, TX, where she relished watching passing fancy cars she imagined were owned by Hollywood stars.

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Caroline Creech

From the mid-1950s into the ‘60s, Caroline Creech lived a kind of double life. A woman ahead of her time, the hardworking young road warrior behind the wheel of her white Chevy Impala relished her career as a cosmetics representative for John Robert Powers, a prestigious brand in its day. On the job, she was known as Carol Desmond and enjoyed touting the virtues of eye shadows and face powders to high-end department stores up and down the East Coast. Sometimes she even travelled by helicopter to keep up with her demanding schedule. Offering impromptu makeovers to appreciative women shoppers was a favorite part of the job. Selling beauty products came naturally to Carol, and she was good at it.

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