The Crossings at Chantilly

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Savin Kent

Savin Kent was a young mother in Cambodia with two small children when her family set off for the United States in 1963. What began as a one-year trip abroad stretched into a lifetime in an adopted country. High energy and an independent spirit helped Savin succeed in a new land. She built a rewarding hair salon business, helped put her two children through the University of Maryland, and navigated through challenges with a loving marriage. Born Savin Or, an eldest daughter in rural Cambodia, she only finished elementary school because that was all they had in the village. Her mother didn't want to send her far away to finish school.

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Sumie Sameshima

Sumie Sameshima was never one to complain, so her family could only guess how hard it was for her to follow her husband back to the U.S. from Japan in 1951 and raise three children in largely white states like Ohio and Michigan as her husband’s military career moved the family across the U.S.

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