Hebrew Home at Riverdale

3 residents

Lorraine Irizarry

Lorraine Irizarry had a busy life in New York learning English and building a new life with her husband and two young children, but she didn’t hesitate to drop everything and return to her native Puerto Rico for a month in 1957 when her little brother Lin went through gastrointestinal surgery. A few years later, she returned again for a month when her sister Floripe got into a bad car crash. And three of her other younger brothers followed Lorraine to New York, living with her for years before they settled there with their own families. Indeed, as the eldest of a family of 11 children who grew up on a sugar cane farm, Lorraine was more like a second mother to her younger siblings and her life revolved around caring for them as her two actual children, Moraima and Gabriel Jr.

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Greta VonBouterer

Aristocrats aren’t always born; some, like Greta VonBouterer, are made.

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Frances Dolled

Having family nearby is everything to Frances Dolled: She literally has gone to the ends of the earth for it. In 1959 she traveled with her mother and father, Pauline and Sam Koslowsky, from New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina to bring into the family fold Pauline's recently widowed niece and her three young children.

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