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Georgia McKearly

Georgia McKearly set her sights on becoming a nurse when she was 4-years old and having her tonsils removed in the hospital. She admired the nurses who tended to her and never forgot them. 

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John Werner

John Werner Jr. likes to tell a story about his time as a military pilot. 

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Roberta (Randy) Tidmore

It was April 1944, and Randy Tidmore was on her first official break with her all-female platoon following a month of boot camp at Camp Lejeune, N.C.  

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Aaron Carlton

In 2004, Aaron Carlton was a 29-year-old pastor and new father when four American military contractors were killed and their bodies burned, prompting an American response. During the first round of fighting against Al Qaeda-backed insurgents in April and May, 27 Americans died in Fallujah. 

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