Lutheran Home

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Olga Mullins

All her life, Olga Mullins has had a wonderful ability to forge friendships. An outgoing woman with a kind smile and traces of the Old South in her soft voice, she’s consistently enjoyed a wide circle of close confidants and admirers.

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Bernice Skach

Family lore has it that when Bernice Skach retired from her last full-time job, her employer hired three people to replace her. That's fitting, given the fierce work ethic instilled in Bernice and her siblings by their German-born parents.

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Joanne Romza

If you start speaking to Joanne Romza in Flemish, she’ll light up and respond enthusiastically in the native language of her parents Alice and Henry Stynen who emigrated from Belgium to Chicago in 1930. Joanne was born a few months after her parents and her two older siblings arrived in the United States.

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